Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Friday, December 21, 2007

Moreland on Kingdom Triangle at NPC 2007

Check-out this succinct and thoughtful ten minute interview with JP at the 2007 National Pastor's Conference

Friday, December 7, 2007

Blog responses to ETS Paper and Kingdom Triangle (updated)

There have been some interesting blog comments about JP's ETS paper and Kingdom Triangle. Helpful examples include posts by
  1. John Mark Reynolds at Biola University (here)
  2. Frank Beckwith at Baylor University (here),
  3. Melinda Penner and Brett Kunkle at Stand to Reason (here and here), and
  4. C. Michael Patton at Converse with Scholars (here).
  5. Paul Copan at Palm Beach Atlantic University and President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (here)
JP cannot - and nor does he want to - offer responses to all criticisms of his ETS paper or the main ideas presented in Kingdom Triangle.

He has, however, offered a general response to his ETS paper (here) and previously offered a response to some of the main criticisms against Kingdom Triangle (here).

JP welcomes discussion and even criticism of his views. But there is an interesting factor to note with the online responses to JP. If they are critical of the ETS paper or the Kingdom Triangle thesis, there is a remarkable, qualitative difference of tone, texture, and substance to such remarks if they come from people who are personally acquainted with JP and his heart vs. those that accuse - if not slander - him from a relational distance. This phenomenon is not accidental. It reveals not only the heart and mind of what people disagree about, but it is also evidence of how they present both their heart and mind in disagreement.