Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moreland Speaks to 600+ Pastors

San Diego, CA - JP Moreland spoke at three major sessions at the 2008 National Pastor's Convention.

He did two 90 minute sessions on Kingdom Triangle related themes (e.g., "The mind, the heart, and the Power of the Holy Spirit" and "Sex and Secularism: Why Islam may win the West") to a total audience of about 400 pastors. JP says,
I worked through my worldview analysis and then on the the three legs of the triangle and I was deeply moved at the incredible responsiveness to the book and it's message (they sold out of KT and had to order more). This was a rare opportunity to minister to pastors and to give them hope and practical suggestions for greater impact.
To an audience of at least another 200 pastors, JP contributed to a panel discussion with Greg Boyd, Roger Olsen, and Richard Twiss concerning "Theological Trends Facing the Church." JP says,
It was a really fun time; sometimes passionate about our difference and always cordial. I liked these guys a lot and, while we have differences to be sure, there was also much about which we agreed.
Audio of JP's session can be purchased here.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What is Knowledge?

JP discusses here the importance of "What is knowledge?" and its significance to the Christian experience.
Do we the disciples of Jesus possess through Scripture and other means a reliable source of knowledge of reality or do we not? We have seen that this is an important question. The possession of knowledge—especially religious and moral knowledge—is essential for a life of flourishing. To answer this question we must, first, answer another question: What exactly is knowledge and what does it mean to say Christian teaching provides it?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moreland Speaking on STR Cruise

Join JP Moreland and other notables on Stand to Reason's Alaskan Cruise:

August 2-9, 2008

JP will be speaking on the importance of the life of the Christian mind.

Check-out their informative brochure.