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Monday, June 30, 2008

Christian Scholar's Review Showcases Kingdom Triangle

The latest issue of the Christian Scholar's Review (Summer 2008) has a very long and favorable review (pp 505-510) of Kingdom Triangle.

CSR is widely read among Christian professors and scholars in the North American context. "[It] is the forum for Christian intellectuals to discuss their ideas in community with one another," says JP.

The review is by Dr. Gabriela Sabau, who is Professor with the Economics/Environmental Studies department at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

Sabau spends nearly three pages providing a very helpful summary of Moreland's thoughts in Kingdom Triangle and does a commendable job of paying attention to his intention and care throughout the book.

"[Christian Scholar's Review] is very select in the books they review," says Moreland. "The simple fact that Kingdom Triangle is reviewed in this journal indicates that the book is being taken seriously as a substantive contribution to Christian thought."

Moreover, JP says,
It is my hope and prayer that more Council for Christian College and University professors will take seriously the need to take our religion as a knowledge tradition and not just a faith tradition, a point central to me thesis in Kingdom Triangle. More generally, I offered the book to my Evangelical community in hopes that it would foment a conversation about the central ideas I offer in the book. This review is part of an answer to my prayers.
Sabau concludes her review this way:
Moreland writes with insight and passion about a very difficult subject which is dear to his heart. He knows that before Christians in the Western traditional churches can become efficient at proclaiming and extending the influence of he Kingdom, they must put their inner house in order. This is what he has done, and this book is evidence that he is living and acting through the power of the Holy Spirit. I urge everyone to read this book. It has greatly helped me regain the vision of human life caught up in the divine conspiracy constituted by the progressive spread of the Kingdom of God. It has encouraged me to believe that God can use any of His children for His purposes when He recognizes His son in their minds and hearts (510).

Friday, June 20, 2008

San Jose Blogger Plugs Kingdom Triangle Website

Ryan, at his Illuminate blog, has a great plug for

Concerning JP's talks on how the culture plays with our mind (part 1 and 2 here), he says,

For those of you headed to college, those who want to be thoughtful followers of Jesus, and those who want to engage culture in a constructive way, this is a very helpful subject.