Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Monday, August 6, 2007

Noteworthy Discussion on the Web

- Paul Kuritz, Professor of Theatre at Bates College, heard about Kingdom Triangle through Don Williams' bookclub and decided to review KT and interview JP on his blog.

- Tom Gilson, a strategic planner for Campus Crusade for Christ, has an extended review at
"Recovering the Christian mind, renovating the soul, seeing again the Spirit's power: in a world grown thin, Kingdom Triangle offers real substance. I expect that twice through this book will not be enough for me--I'll back in it again before much time goes by."
- Interesting reviews on
"I highly recommend KINGDOM TRIANGLE to anyone sensing that something is lacking in modern American churches and who wish a new perspective on how to renovate their own hearts individually and the church corporately. In fact, I enjoyed the book so much that its thesis was the primarily topic in a sermon I recently preached as a guest speaker."
- Dan Story

"This book profoundly disturbed me. It brought to light many things within myself that I had known but managed to never directly addressed.

I am a avid fan of J.P. Moreland, and as such there was not much in this book that I was not already familiar with, including many of the examples. Around pg 130 or so the stuff that distinguishes this book as different from his others crops up. There is one page in that book that I find to be worth the price of the book alone. And that is in distinguishing between what one says they believe and on the surface claims to believe, with what they actually believe. It helped me to realize that for all practical purposes I had been living like a functional deist.

I don't know what to do with some of the latter chapters and it will require a lot of reflection, but I think this is also one of the books greatest strengths, in putting something in front of virtually everyone that will challenge them to analyze themselves, and where they are at with God."
- D. Westfall