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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

KT New Year's Resolutions

If you were to read and apply JP's Kingdom Triangle in 2008, here's what he would encourage as five key resolutions in light of the themes and values of Kingdom Triangle:
  1. I urge people to read the suggested works on pages 200-201 and encourage others to read them.
  2. I will make it my aim to learn about and grow in the supernatural aspects of the Kingdom. I will do this by selecting some of the suggestions from pages 181-187 and doing them.
  3. I will make it my aim to grow in my inner life, especially my emotional warmth. I will ask a loved one or close friend how they experience me, to give me feedback about my emotional distance, coldness and so forth, and together with him/her (or them), I will seek to grow in this area.
  4. I will seek to spread the things in Kingdom Triangle with which I agree. I will form a study group using the book and seek to influence others.
  5. I resolve to spend an afternoon listing my strengths and weaknesses in each leg of the triangle, and identify which leg is my weakness. I will try to find ways to grow in that area and to balance that area with the other two.

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