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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moreland responds to CT Book Award

We asked JP to reflect upon his journey with Kingdom Triangle in light of yesterday's award announcement from Christianity Today:
In the thirty-six months prior to writing Kingdom Triangle, I had around ten prophetic words of knowledge from trusted people from five different states all saying the same thing to me, and part of what they said was that God wanted me to write a book that would bring Charismatic, Third Wave and non-Charismatics together around a broad, unified approach to the Christian life that included Kingdom Power. Well, Kingdom Triangle is that book. As I have said before, I believe it is my most important book to date and I have never felt God's leading in writing a book more than with Kingdom Triangle. The 2008 Christianity Today Book Award for Kingdom Triangle in the category of spirituality is, from my perspective, an evidence of "the effect being greater than the human cause and, thus, requiring God's activity to explain." I am convinced that God is honoring the book because he is pleased with its intent and message. I am humbled to say the least.

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