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Monday, May 5, 2008

Moreland on the Spirit's Guidance

At his home church - the Anaheim Vineyard - JP recently gave a Sunday night talk on "The Guidance of the Holy Spirit."
The material I covered is not in Kingdom Triangle, but it is an application of the third leg to the Christian life. I began by showing from scripture that while God sometimes has a very specific will for us in detailed circumstances, there are other times when God wants to know what we want to do and He promises to go with us in those endeavors. I talked about how the Spirit sometimes speaks/leads by placing thoughts in our minds (see Nehemiah 2:12) and I shared the phenomenology as to how I have made progress in discerning those occasions in my own life. I also shared how I discern words of knowledge or wisdom when I am ministering to others. It was really fun. What meant the most to me was the fact that ordinary people like me and the congregation at large can actually make progress in this sort of intimate relationship with God.
You can either listen online or download JP's talk here.

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