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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moreland at the 2009 National Pastors Convention

JP Moreland will again speak at the 2009 National Pastors Convention in San Diego, CA.

His topics and their descriptions are as follows:

Signs, Wonders and the Kingdom Triangle

We will clarify the relationship between a proper expectation of the miraculous, the current nature of the Kingdom, and the debate about so-called miraculous gifts. We will also explore practical steps towards seeking God for more of His Spirit's miraculous presence.

Spiritual Formation and the Kingdom Triangle.

We will clarify the nature of general revelation, especially natural moral law, explain its relationship to spiritual formation and the Kingdom of God, and provide practical suggestions for practicing certain spiritual, discipleship exercises.

On Friday evening of the 13th and most of Saturday the 14th, join JP at his Kingdom Triangle conference also at the Town & Country Resort.

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