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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moreland on the Success of our 2009

Anaheim, CA -- JP Moreland recently spoke at his home church, Vineyard Anaheim, concerning what it means for our lives to be successful in 2009:

My message at Vineyard Anaheim centered on the need to focus on change for one's life in 2009 or else inertia, drift, habit will keep one from growing. And I claimed that, as legitimate as the normal topics for New Year's resolutions are (e.g., getting in shape, getting more education), there are two other deeply related biblical goals for the next year from Phil 3:12-15: Growing in the ability to be intimate with God (and by extension, friends and loved ones) and developing strength of character.

These goals are really expressions of all three legs of the Kingdom Triangle which, I continue to emphasize, as an approach to life itself.

You can listen here or download here the complete audio of JP's talk.

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