Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Monday, June 4, 2007

JP Interview with Zondervan Mobile

Zondervan Mobile, which has 10,000-plus subscribers, did a"weekly author interview" with JP. See here.

Q: How and why are these "essential ingredients" of the Kingdom Triangle necessary and interrelated?

In the book of Acts and the first four centuries of the church before she became too "successful" and too "organized," the three legs of the Kingdom Triangle were the central aspects to church planting, evangelism, spiritual growth, and discipleship. And it's extremely important that all three are valued, wisely practiced, sought, and taught as part of the church's self-identity. If we have a recovery of the Christian mind and of theology as a source of knowledge and not merely true belief without the cultivation of an inner tenderness and an affective, mystical spiritual life, we become arrogant, we live in our heads, and we try to control things too much. If we have inner-life spiritual disciplines and formation without Kingdom power, it can degenerate into a Christianized self-help program. If we have Kingdom power without the life of the mind, it can become anti-intellectual, extremist, and harmful.