Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kingdom Triangle at the Mars Hill Forum

Carlsbad, CA, June 8 - The North Coast Calvary Chapel featured JP and his Kingdom Triangle at this year's "Mars Hill Forum."

JP did a snapshot look at the meaning and importance of Kingdom Triangle. According to JP, "the atmosphere was very exciting ... The Mars Hill folks are to be thanked for their faithfulness over the years."

Nearly 150 copies of Kingdom Triangle were sold to an audience of about 250. It was observed that many people purchased copies to send to influential Christian leaders in other parts of the country. Nancy, an event coordinator, made the following observation:

"For many years, JP has been known for his commitment to restoring clear thinking and the importance of the mind to evangelical Christianity - so he has a lot of credibility when he speaks of the other legs of the triangle. First of all, its clear that he's thought these issues through carefully. Second, anyone who's been interested in apologetics and clear thinking (or encounters such people) has to take care to keep a tender heart and emotional balance. In this regard, JP's insights and exhortations are much appreciated. Third, I think Christians appreciate a way to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Body today that doesn't leave behind clear thinking and is not superstitious or sensational."

Well said! The evening ended with a Q&A time. For nearly an hour afterwards, people talked with JP and got their books autographed.