Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Several Thousand Hear JP at Rock Harbor

Costa Mesa, CA, June 2, 3, 4 - During the course of a three day speaking engagement, JP addressed something like 5,000 people at Rock Harbor. JP spoke Saturday evening, then at two services on Sunday morning, and concluded on Monday evening.

He spoke about the three legs of Kingdom Triangle as a way forward towards individual and church maturity in the postmodern world. "My heart for Rock Harbor is that they would mature as a light in the world and be a vibrant church for years to come," said JP.

The event concluded on Monday night with a well-attended Q&A with JP and teaching pastor Mike Erre, encouraging people to be honest and open with their questions and doubts.

"The time was shockingly wonderful. I love the dear folks at Rock Harbor and have the utmost respect for Mike Erre and the other staff--they are all so dear to me. I had rich interaction with dozens and dozens of folks, and I believe the Lord Jesus was pleased with the time. I am encouraged that we sold 800 copies of Kingdom Triangle because this is sure to impact the church and spread from there to other churches."

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