Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update: Moreland Unpacks the Crisis of our Age

July 17-18 - JP was asked to return to Summit Ministries, where he spoke to several hundred students from around the country, including an informal Q&A with Dr. Frank Beckwith from Baylor University.

Several copies of Kingdom Triangle were sold and students expressed great interest in its themes.

- Previously -
Manitoba Springs, CO, June 11-12 - JP Moreland spoke four times to around 200 high school and college students from all over the country.

His lectures covered important themes more fully developed in the first four chapters of Kingdom Triangle. In particular, JP taught the students about the importance of worldview thinking, of understanding the inner logic of and being able to respond to the worldviews of scientific naturalism and postmodernism all the while offering a case for the nature of knowledge, truth, and objective reason.

In one of the sessions, JP held an hour long Q&A with over 70 students.

The event was sponsored by Dr. David Noebel's Summit Ministries, a worldview training center just outside of Colorado Springs, CO.