Kingdom Triangle Discussion

Monday, July 23, 2007

Moreland Interviewed on Stand to Reason

Southern California - July 22 - JP did an hour long radio interview with Stand to Reason's President & Founder Greg Koukl.

The entire hour was devoted to highlighting the unique importance of Kingdom Triangle.

JP said:

"As always, Koukl did a masterful job of directing the interview towards the central themes of the topic. We spent a good bit of time on the worldview issues surrounding the impact of naturalism and postmodernism and the acceptance of non-empirical knowledge and we talked about how to recover the idea that Christianity is not only true, but it can be known to be true. This subject is the focus of three chapters in Kingdom Triangle and, to my knowledge, the salient points are not available currently in other books, including my own. It was important for Koukl to focus on this as he did. We went on to talk about spiritual formation and Kingdom power in ways that respond to mis-informed criticism of Evangelical appropriation of these matters."